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As we all know, every company is very special. Every company has very own business purposes, set of servers, workstation and so on. That the reason, why we not publishing exact prises for IT Services here.


For every company, which needs only quality IT services, we can offer very flexible conditions. Only You decide, what You exactly need and how You would like pay for that. But if You doubt your needs, then we can help You to choose only necessary set of service especially for your company. We also can discuss, what type of charge is more suitable for your business. It can be hourly or monthly rate.


Anyway, if required small amount of work, for example, in emergency situation, or it's connected with consulting services (out of contract or without written contract), we will glad to help you, using next hour rate:

1 hour, during business time, (from 08:00 to 17:00, EET, GMT+2) - 40 €

1 hour in evening time (from 17:01 to 00:00, EET, GMT+2) - 80 €

1 hour, during night time and in early morning time (from 00:01 to 07:59, EET, GMT+2) - 120 €


We also can solve all of your IT problems on different business stages. It doesn't matter, is your company young or in a period of rapid growth.


More details about our IT services, You can find here.


For more detailed conversation You can contact with us with any way, as shown here or You can use feedback form.